Budget Janitorial works directly with chemical and paper manufacturers to acquire the very best products at optimum pricing.

Consumable Supplies We Provide:

  • Paper Towels (all varieties)
  • Toilet Tissue (all varieties)
  • Toilet Seat Covers
  • Hand Soap (all varieties)
  • Trash Liners (high and low density, various sizes)
  • Dispensers (all varieties for any paper towel, toilet tissue, soap, sanitizer...)

Other important details:

  • All employees are trained to keep track of all consumable supplies and will always communicate with the customer when re-ordering is necessary. Automatic ordering can be implemented.
  • All employees are trained in the proper use and storage of cleaning products and supplies.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) notebooks are maintained where cleaning products are stored.
  • Dispensing machines are properly calibrated to the correct dilution rate.



Budget Janitorial utilizes the finest janitorial equipment on the market today. This equipment is exceptionally time efficient and cost effective.

Budget possesses the knowledge and skill to properly operate this high tech equipment entitling our customers access to substantial cost savings. An example of new technology we employ is the battery powered back pack vacuum. This tool is effective and will accomplish the job correctly. It is also cost effective by substantially reducing the overall time necessary to perform the task.

Budget Janitorial constantly tries to stay ahead of the new equipment curve by working with equipment manufactures who allow Budget Janitorial to try their prototypes and then provide feedback.


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