Our Client List

Here is a list of a few of our clients:

  • Court of Appeals
  • Keck Medicine of USC (Hospital)
  • City of Buena Park
  • Martin Aviation
  • Lyon Air Museum
  • RBC Bearings
  • Santa Maria Veteran's Clinic
  • CalTrans
  • IPT
  • Newport Corporation
  • University of Phoenix
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Department
  • California Victory Church
  • Econolite
  • Environ
  • Apollo Electric



Navy Region Southwest Bachelor Housing Program

"The support from Budget Janitorial during high level events, many conducted after normal hours, was superb and resulted in several accolades from visiting groups, senior personnel and conference attendees."

We would like to thank Budget Janitorial for your outstanding performance.

The contract of employees from Budget Janitorial maintained the cleanliness of numerous buildings at North Island, Naval Amphibious Base and San Clemente Island. The Transition from Government Civilian employees to contract personnel was performed flawlessly and was accomplished with complete transparency to Bachelor Housing guests and residents.

The employees of Budget Janitorial truly care and have contributed to the many successes at Coronado. The team spirit and excellent working relationship with Debbie McClure the owner and principles of Budget Janitorial, has been outstanding.

Your dedication to providing quality service to Southwest Region is truly appreciated and plays and important role in our commitment to the highest standards of professional hospitality.

Thank you very much for your personal dedication and for making a difference that touches the lives of the thousands of Bachelor Housing residents who stay in our facilities throughout the year. Well done and Bravo Zulu.

M.J. Jordan

The California Department of Transportation

"Budget Janitorial is owned and operated by consummate professionals. They consistently place the wishes of the consumer first, and always move quickly to resolve any problems or issues that occasionally arise."

The California Department of Transportation (Department), Division of Maintenance has been using the services of Budget Janitorial since 2002. They have provided routine janitorial work, special cleaning projects and contracted work at various Maintenance facilities throughout Orange County.

The quality of their work is outstanding, their prices are very reasonable, and they are simply a pleasure to do business with.

I would recommend them to anyone who is considering obtaining a first class cleaning company.

Liz Anderson, CMAS


Thermo Power Industries

"The cleaning was GREAT as well! I keep hearing our staff say…what is that smell?? We haven’t had a fresh clean smelling office in a while!! So everything looked really good and nobody complained!!! Please tell your staff they did a great job! Thanks!"

Sincerely, Blanca Munoz